Monday, April 19, 2004

haikus on mike kelley

mike kelley speaks of
postmodern art in navy
blue and spectacles

he was, at one time,
a most important pants man.
funny animals.

if you haven't heard
the music that he once made
you didn't miss much

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

You are lost and forlorn because you dwell in a world of words.
You feed on words, you are satisfied with words when what you need is substance.
A menu will not satisfy your hunger. A formula will not slake your thirst

if you are satisfied with the world where words are enough, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Sounds.

Here's a fun & dorky thing to do!!!

If you happen to be on Friendster(tm), you can be Friend's with the Evangenitals!
Here's a link to us:
We use the bulletin board feature to post shows.

If you want to add us, here's the info:

First name: Evangenitals
Last name: Inc

If you are not on Friendster(tm) and would like us to invite you to join... drop us an email and we'll reach out and touch you.

we love you already.