Sunday, September 30, 2007

1 Sec Film visits YouTube and Google along Road to Oprah Quest (w/ PICS)

Digg Update: Remember The 1 Second Film anyone can produce for $1? They raised enough to buy a school bus, converted it to a bio-diesel RV, and are now driving it 10,000 miles to ask Oprah for a buck. To start the trip off, they got invited to give presentations at both Google and YouTube. Here's how...

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The new Evangenitals poster!

What do ya think?

Thanks to Misha Birmele for working his logo and design magic on this one... and thanks to Steve Diet Goedde for the awesome photo!


Thursday, September 13, 2007

I noticed on the Evangenitals web stats that a bunch of folks have been searching for the lyrics to the song Fuck 'em All (which is going to be on our upcoming album "Everlovin"... hittin' the streets officially on October 4th, though some advanced copies are already out and circulating) so I figured I'd write 'em down in here:

Fuck 'em All
- The Evangenitals

He works so hard
Almost paid off the car
Sleeps on somebody's couch
Saving up for the house

She lives with her toys
Had given up on the boys
Till he came along
Now she's singing a new song

He knows she's insane
And she knows he's the same
They ain't go a shot in hell
But they're taking the ride might as well....

Till the wheels fall off
Till the wheels fall off
Till the wheels fall off...

When you hear the call
When you hear the call...

Fuck 'em All.

As for Everlovin, the finished product is well worth the wait. Brett and Georgie have been finessing it to perfection. Evangenital bliss. We are so excited about sharing this album with the world at large, and equally excited about traveling the US and Canada with The 1 Second Film on the Road to Oprah tour.

We are fully aware of how completely insane the whole journey is. It's crazy. Truly crazy. And the fact that we're willing to go and do it even though it is so crazy is the stuff that LEGENDS are made of. This is how epic adventurous are born... saying yes, and the first step. Into the void! Unknowing, possibility, the road. It all awaits.

I'm guessing that some of those searches for Fuck 'em All may be from CalArts Theater students. Our little mini-gig up there was quite a success and I hear that Fuck 'em All has been declared the new school song by the student body. I love it. They were definitely one of the best, most enthusiastic, ultra-singalong crowds we've ever had. I loved it. I'm glad we're getting up there again soon. :-)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Alright, I admit it...

I'm a little nervous about our Universal Citywalk gig tomorrow night. There's supposed to be a LOT of people there, we're playing a big 'ol rock stage, and I'm not sure which t-shirt I should wear.

That what I call a LUXURY problem, people. :-)

I hope to see some friendly faces there, other than the ones on stage with me, of course.

Gotta take deep breaths and let the goodness flow through me. It's time for the big time! This is just another step of many steps that came before toward the shining and glorious glory of the next step on the path to the great whatever-the-fuck that's coming.... and I'm loving every minute of it.

Rock on.