Friday, May 28, 2010

Nothing is Real

This world is a playground
where children pretend to have shops.

Sometimes when they wrestle,
it may look like sex,
but none of it is real.

They exchange imaginary money.
Night comes, and they go home tired
with nothing in their hands.

("Discipline" Rumi)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Virtue Trap

Spirituality has often been misused as a route to an unloving solitude, a stance where we proclaim ourselves above our human nature. This spiritual superiority is really only one more form of denial. For an artist, virtue can be deadly. The urge toward respectability and maturity can be stultifying, even fatal.

(Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Truest Devotion

I was wrong. God has revealed to me
that there are no rules for worship.

Say whatever and however your loving tells you to.
Your sweet blasphemy is the truest devotion.
Through you a whole world is freed.

Loosen your tongue
and don't worry what comes out.
It is all light of the spirit.


This is definitely going into the gospel of the Evangenitals.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5 More College Stations Spinning the Evangenitals!

The Evangenitals got radio play on five MORE wise and wonderful college stations this week. How 'bout hitting them up to say THANKS FOR THE GENITALS and request a song or two?

KSAU - Nacogdoches, TX
Request Line: (936) 468-4000

WMVL - Purchase, NY
Request Line: (914) 323-3204

WPKN - Bridgeport, CT
Request Line: (203) 336-9756

KBGA - Missoula, MT
Request Line: (406) 243-6226

WCBN - Ann Arbor, MI
Request Line: (734) 763-3535

We're asking folks to request all of their favorite tracks off of the newest Evangenitals EP (

*Hard Luck
*Work Song
*So Sweet
*Bad Town
*I'm Sad


And don't forget you can hit up all the OTHER stations playing the Evangenitals, listed here:

Thanks for all your help turning the whole world on to the Evangenitals!


Saturday, May 08, 2010

Call to Action - One Ring to Unite them All

In honor of our upcoming show at WORLDFEST (LA's largest Earth Day celebration) we'd like to ask your help with some Evangenitals World Domination -- via the AIRWAVES!!

Some wise and wonderful radio stations out there have seen the light and started to spin tracks from the newest Evangenitals album, the self-titled "Evangenitals" EP. Luckily, I have already gone through the insanely laborious task of finding all the websites and request lines of a bunch of stations currently playing Evangenitals tunes in order to make it as easy as possible for YOU to give them a call/email and request that some MORE of our music be played. Your help with this mission would mean the world to us, and truly help to get our music out there into the world.

What song should you request?
Your favorites, of course! "Hard Luck" and "Hello" have been getting a lot of action, as have "Bad Town", "Work Song", and "I'm Sad"... but hey, don't let that stop you from requesting "So Sweet" or "Home"... we think they should all be heard, and they are ALL radio friendly!

Which stations should you call?
We'd love it if you called ALL of them! Don't feel limited to those in your area... they all have websites, online streaming, and can be listened to from ANYWHERE... so reach out and touch 'em, and feel your power as we rise through the charts!

Yes, CHARTS! To up the EXCITEMENT FACTOR... we actually appeared on our very first RADIO CHART last week! Check it out! (Click here) Debuting at #72 in California, we moved up to #63 in our 2nd week, now we're back down to #70 this week, still topping such illustrious names as Bob Dylan, Buck Owens, and Lucinda Williams. Yowzers! And the college charts (CMJ) are counting the numbers SOON, so if you get on it, we could debut high on there! Let's do this! 

So if you make a few phone calls, we may be able to see that number leap a little higher, and perhaps we can reach our longtime goal of someday being #3 WORLDWIDE! :-)

The Mission:

1. Choose a Station

2. Call 'em (or email)

3. Request a Song

4. Repeat

Let us know how it goes! Seriously, PLEASE let us know if you're participating. It took me forever to put this list together with all the numbers and such, so it really feels good when you actually write back. :-)
Adventure awaits!
Request # State City Station Web
(803)576-WUSC (9872) SC Columbia WUSC
(615) 322-ROCK (7625) TN Nashville WRVU
MA Springfield WTCC
(207) 725-3250 ME Brunswick WBOR
618-536-2361 IL Carbondale WIDB
585-210-8897 NY Rochester WITR
608.342.1291 WI Platteville WSUP
210-486-KSYM (5796) TX San Antonio KSYM
570-422-3133 PA East Stroudsburg WESS
FL Tallahassee WVFS
303.964.5396 CO Denver KRCX
212-564-4611 NY New York City M3 Radio
715-682-1342 WI Ashland WRNC
407-646-2915 FL Winter Park WPRK
512-245-3485 TX San Marcos KTSW
919.860.0881 NC Raleigh WKNC
203-392-5353 CT New Haven WSIN
414-277-7247 WI Milwaukee WMSE
484-664-3456 PA Allentown WMUH
(229) 333-5661 GA Augusta WVVS
607-777-2137 NY Binghamton WHRW
949-824-5824 CA Irvine KUCI
305-284-5784 FL Coral Gables WVUM
KS Lawrence KJHK
919.962.8989 NC Chapel Hill WXYC
NJ New Brunswick WRSU
318-869-5296 LA Shreveport KSCL
804.828.1057 VA Richmond WVCW
713-348-ktru (5878) TX Houston KTRU
(888) 303-9748 RI Kingston WRIU
970-728-4333 CO Telluride KOTO
800-285-2895 OR Eugene KRVM
NJ Belmar The Penguin Rocks
866-971-WHFC (9432) MD BelAir WHFC
352-313-3100 FL Gainesville WHHZ
AL Auburn Wildman Steve
843-626-7300 SC Myrtle Beach WKZQ
VA Virginia Beach WRRW
(970) 963-0139 CO Carbondale KDNK
CA Santa Rosa No Pigeonholes
PA Bethlehem WDIY

Monday, May 03, 2010

Sick day. Feeling fragile. Having a masshed potato picnic in my front yard. :-)