Monday, January 26, 2009

God Bless Henry Miller!

"The way of life is towards fulfillment, however, wherever it may lead. To restore a human being to the current of life means not only to impart self-confidence but also an abiding faith in the process of life. A man who has confidence in himself must have confidence in other, confidence in the fitness and rightness of the universe. When a man is thus anchored he ceases to worry about the fitness of things, about the behavior of his fellow men, about right and wrong and justice and injustice. If his roots are in the current of life he will float on the surface like a lotus and he will blossom and give forth fruit. He will draw his nourishment from above and below; he will send his roots down deeper and deeper, fearing neither the depths nor the heights. The life that is in him will manifest itself in growth, and growth is an endless, eternal process. he will not be afraid of withering, because decay and death are part of growth. As a seed he began and as a seed he will return. Beginnings and ending are only partial steps in the eternal process. The process is everything... the way... the Tao.

The way of life! A grand expression. Like saying Truth. There is nothing beyond it... it is all."

- Henry Miller, Sexus: The Rosy Crucifixion I

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Magic of Flickr

Cash'd Out
Originally uploaded by Toad!
It's always fun after a Cash'd Out show to search Flickr and see if any of the dozens of folks taking pictures in the crowd actually uploaded them (on Flickr) and tagged them (Cash'd Out).

Very frequently, I get lucky! Here's yet another instances of that goodness.

God bless motivated picture takers. :-)

Thanks Toad!

Much love,

Being June Carter

For those of you that are interested (sorry for the short notice):

I'm going to be curling my locks and doing my "June Carter" bit at the VIPER ROOM in Hollywood with Cash'd Out (world's premier Johnny Cash tribute band) TONIGHT (Thursday January 22nd) at 11pm.

We're playing with Hard Fall Hearts, who are pretty awesome. We go on around 10:30/11pm. Our last show at Viper Room sold out, so you may want to get your tickets in advance.

For more info:


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Teachings of the Buddha

Though words are spoken to explain the Void, the Void as such can never be expressed. Though we say "the Mind is a bright light," it is beyond all words and symbols. Although the Mind is void in essence, all things it embraces and contains.

- The Song of Mahamudra by Tilopa

Friday, January 16, 2009

blogging from my blackberry

I'm in the Cash'd Out van heading to San Jose. We're playing The Blank Club in San Jose tonight, then the Uptown in Oakland tomorrow night. After that, we're driving home in the middle of the night. The Evangenitals are playing a fundraiser at South Pasadena music on Sunday night.

Monday I've got my "checking" for my new TM adventure in Beverly Hills, and on Tuesday I've got my 2nd major design meeting for the opera I'm directing up at CalArts.

I recently was informed that this will be the US premiere of the opera, which is exciting, and that the composer is actually going to come see the show. That's scary. This is the first time that I've ever directed a major piece by a LIVING author, which seems to bring with it a whole other set of considerations and feelings of responsibility.

I upgraded to the blackberry curve and got internet on my phone once again, which I'm trying to make the most of. So far I'm doing pretty good, I think, as far as upping my BAP rating, productivity and responsiveness.

George Bernardo is in the backseat right now, editing the tracks from the Evangenitals LIVE on KXLU that we're going to release on iTunes in a bit... So that's exciting. And the Evangenitals are revving up to record a new album back at Del Boca Vista studios... So that's REALLY exciting. I just discovered I can blog with my blackberry... So there's no more excuses for no updates on the road!

Boss Ass Pro!!!!