Monday, April 19, 2010

Free Stickers! (and almost free stickers)

Since we are aware of the fact that not everyone can attend an Evangenitals show...

(where you can get our shiny new Evangenitals stickers for FREE)

... we thought we'd offer some stickers to EVERYONE for ALMOST free!!! :-)

So... for a limited time, and for the low, low shipping & handling charge of just TWO DOLLARS ($2!!!!) we will send a few stickers to you.

And that means YOU!!!! Wherever you are!!!

Or you could just come to a show... like the one at Winston's this Thursday night (April 22nd)... and pick some up.

If not, you can Paypal $2 to "" or send $2 to:

The Evangenitals
PO Box 70318
Pasadena, CA 91107

And we'll send you a few of our amazing new stickers.

How's that for (almost) free love? :-)

Juli & the Evangenitals