Thursday, March 03, 2011

Look Ma, I've been READING!!! :-)

Okay, bastards. You think you had me down? You think I haven't been reading? Well... HERE'S a bunch of books that I've finished in the past few months:

"The Path of the Mother" - I love Ammachi. This book got a little fruity at times, but the shining love and radiance of the Holy Mother Ammachi shone through. :-)

"Born Standing Up" - Steve Martin is simply awesome. Totally inspirational book that proves that HARD WORK and being completely devoted to your craft can really take you places that no man hath gone before.

"Diaboliad" - My love for Mikhail Bulgakov already knew no bounds, and now, if there WERE any bounds that I did not know about, they too have been obliterated, and I love him even more boundlessly than before.

"Mary Holmes: Paintings and Ideas" - This woman is one cool character. Great life, beautiful art, and really cool ideas. Holmes was also a big influence of the balloon twister Addi Somekh, who self-published the book.

"Strange Interlude" - A totally awesomely weird play by Eugene O'Neill. Ahead of its time, it deals with all sorts of psychological tomfoolery and some taboo abortion stuff thrown in. Good times.

AND THERE'S MORE! I'll be finished with this MUSIC PUBLISHING book in a couple hours, and of course there is that classic book of sci-fi and humor THE BIBLE that I'm reading, and I know I'm forgetting some stuff from the past few months. Must consult the stacks next to my bed, and in the bathroom, and by the couch, and at my boyfriend's house.

Another update, coming soon!

(Reprinted with my own permission from my manic One Book: One Week blog. Yeah. That's right.)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Evangenitals Keyword Roundup!

It's time for another awesome Evangenitals Keyword Roundup! These are the terms and phrases that SOMEHOW led people to the super-wonderful Evangenitals website, conveniently located at

This week's highlights include:

The Obvious:
Evangenitals, The Evangenitals,, Evangenital, Evangentials, Evangentals, Evangenitals from LA, evangenitals band

The Personal:
ari desano (always #1!), kristy mcinnis (#2 this week. Tee hee!), "andrea baker" violin evangenitals (and fiddle!), "juli crockett" vegan (represent!), henry bermudez guitar (oh yes!), lisa dee singer (hell yes!)

The Genre-ous:
alternative country punk, country drunk band, alternative country music movement, cowpunk country, kazoo in punk jazz rock, hillbilly love letter, freak folk

The Not Us:
- 4 blond girls in vegas playing electric violins (we have one dirty blonde playing a real fiddle? and by dirty, i mean Andrea's hair color!)
- alternative band with geeky looking guitar player (i wouldn't call Henry geeky. wait, are they talking about me??)
- eric mcfadden trio diamonds to coal blogspot (Henry is a huge Eric McFadden fan, but he's not in this band)
- kimberly edwards springfield missouri (Kristy is from Missouri! Do you know Kimberly, Kristy?)
- professional orchestra near enterprise al (I was born in Enterprise, AL!)
- kit reborn sahra de kim de windering (I have no idea how this one relates??)

And then some specific stragglers, such as they mystifying:
"evangenitals as well" "he evangenitals" and "12345 cow"

Always interesting to see what folks are searching for...

Here's to hoping you all find what your heart's desire!

Much love,
Juli & the Evangenitals