Thursday, June 19, 2003

We've all had those mornings where we wake up with a what the fuck?

Wondering how many beans were spilled the night before. Sometimes I get excitable and start telling more stories than the world is ready for. Such may have been the case last night.

Yesterday Miss Lisa Dee turned as old as Jesus ever did. One step before eternal life, the target age for transcendental experience is set at the modest rate of 33 years of earthbound experience. To celebrate the day, I shot a music video for Lisa's other band, KillSonic, and after a rousing nightcap of country songs we devolved into reveries of the days of sex on acid.

There are the pros and the cons.

The pros being the utter abandon and animalistic intensity of acid sex. The cons being the lasting disgust that we would later feel for ourselves and the person (or persons) we were with, due to the perceptual shifts in their skin tones, tooth size, and pore diameter.

Personally, my greatest fear was that I would "cross the line" and in a fit of Dionysian delirium I would chew the tongue out of the person I was with, suck out his eyeballs, rip the skin off his back, tear open his ribs with my bare hands and eat his fucking heart out.

Please let me introduce you to Miss Lisa Dee:

That's Miss Dee on the pink poster, looking all Night of the Living Zombie-Gerrmanic.

I feel I should put forth some sort of explaination as to contextualize her being. However, how can one explain the inexplicable? This woman is a phenomenon. An inter-galactic starburst materializing for a limited time in pussycat form. This is a limited time offer. This lady has worlds to conquer. Miss Dee is a classically trained Opera singer and High Priestess of the Evangenitals.

This poster is from a mad tour we did back in '99. The piece was a kind of psycho-sexual-horror-epic-german-rock-opera that we made up one day while frying zucchini's in the middle of the Joshua Tree National Park.

Der Schamlippensauger is German for Vagina Sucker.

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