Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Evangenitals have a ritual... and we're not ashamed to admit it!

Every Sunday round about 9pm you're pretty sure to find us (often after a nice fish dinner) sitting down round the televisor to watch Vincent D'onofrio laying it down Columbo-style on Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

Like me, you may have had your first encounter with Vincent when he appeared as the tubby young psycho Private Pyle, taking soap-beatings, gettin' gun crazy, and blowing his brains out in the latrine in Kubrik's Steel Metal Jacket.

Now, he's still fucking crazy... but he's a crime buster. And we love him.

So. We're adding a link on our links page to this great site we found, dedicated 100% to the unsinkable Vincent D'onofrio.

Check it out.

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