Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I am the lagging blogger. Lisa and Brettsy have both updated their blogs, and I, alas, have not. I've been busy. I'm in rehearsal every night. The play is coming together, the Evangenitals are about to throw down the best show yet, the new EP is taking shape, I'm memorizing poetry for the Dead Poet's Slam on Sunday night, and Evangina is going to step into the warm glow for a night of girl-music post-Slam. It's going to be one hell of a weekend.

My boyfriend and I broke up on Friday night. That's okay. Don't be sad. It's for the best. The situation shows every indication of being utterly civil, and actually kind of wonderful. We're staying friends. Hell, we're still living together, at least for a while. We have our child (read: dog) to think of. Actually, I think there's a good chance we may even "date". The bottom line is, I'm a busy girl, and I'm in love with my life (read: artistic pursuits) and I want to be AVAILABLE to it. In other words, I'm not a very good girlfriend right now. So be it. I am, however, a very good friend.

I may be out of line making such bold statements, but I truly feel the Genitals are approaching the proverbial tippinig point. I feel so much love coming from people... the buzz is intense. Our rehearsal are getting SERIOUS... not in the solemn, moody sense, but in the sense that we are pushing ourselves. Moving beyond the comfortable into new terrain. We are expanding and growing. We've got a new drummer, Salad is back on board and shining with that proud papa glow. It feels good.

It is my great hope that folks turn out in droves for the Highland Grounds gig. I think it's going to be a historical moment. Some very important demarcation of something. A line drawn in the sand, which announces, from this point forward.... or, simply, WE ARE HERE.

After this, everything is different. We've never been here before, and I'll be a whole different person tomorrow. Nice knowing you! I'll meet you again. Ever-changing. Ever-rebirthing. Ever-wonderous. Something like that.

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