Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Do you have $1 to save the world?

Hi there.

I am seeking supporters for myself and TEAM EVANGENITALS in the upcoming AIDS Walk Los Angeles. We are seeking sponsors, team members to walk with us, and donations to support the cause.

If you have one single shiny dollar to give, that will do. Every little bit truly does help.

Please give what you can here:

You can give to the team, myself, or any of the team walkers. Whatever fills your heart with the most glee. Just do it.

If you are in town and would like to be a part of TEAM EVANGENITALS, we would love to have you. We hope to assemble a grand team of Evangenitalized enthusiasts in the streets of West Hollywood on October 15th for the AIDS Walk. A spectacle. A phenomenon. A concert on two legs, walking down the street.

There are free t-shirts, hats, kazoos and prizes from our sponsors involved. (Some big hitters in the adult industry are rallying behind us for this one, and they've got some cool t-shirts!)

Anything you can do to help is much appreciated. Let's rock this thing.

Also, if you are are part of a business that would like to sponsor our team, we have plenty of bodies to sport t-shirts, hats, and a display table at the event as well. We are also offering links on our websites, and mention in a grand volley of press releases soon to be hitting the front pages worldwide. Bring on the sponsorship!

Juli Crockett

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