Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sex, More Sex, and Rock n Roll. That's what the next week is all about for me....

This past week, however, was all about the Evangenitals. God bless 'em.

On Friday night, we stepped into Del Boca Vista studio with Blair Lamb and started laying down tracks for the long-awaited album #2 (as yet untitled, but it's going to have a great cover photo, guaranteed). Brett Lyda, George Bernardo, Lisa Dee, Geoff Brandin, Bryan Landers, and me, Juli Crockett, were in it for the long haul: Friday night, all day Saturday and most of Sunday. When all was said and done, we came out of the session with 20 TRACKS snuck inside of Brettsky's external drive, which he whisked back to his crib and immediately started tweaking toward perfection.

He couldn't tweak long, however, because the Genitals had to head out to Beverly Hills on Monday night, with our videographer Patrick Ian Moore and manager/caretaker Wanni Yu in tow, for a radio appearance on "The Hollywood Pitch with John Griffiths". There we discussed, for an hour on talk radio, the "special sheen" that is the Evangenitals.

They played a couple tunes on air, The Work Song, and a special sneak preview world premier track off the upcoming record (the Evangina number Time To Go). Ptryxxx caught the whole thing on video, and I'm going to try to get it up on YouTube tonight, before I fly off to Vegas in the morning.

That's right... Vegas, baby! Tomorrow I'm off to the AVN show in Las Vegas, to do my "day job" gig in Pornoland. Do not fret! I'm flying back for the gig on Saturday night, of course. We're gonna tear it up with Ukefink, and I wouldn't miss that for the world. However, on Monday morning I'm flying BACK to Vegas for ANOTHER Pornoland conference at Mandalay Bay! Woo de wooooo!

With all this recording, radio interviewing, adult industry schmoozing, flying back and forth from Vegas, and playing a gig at the super cool Pirate dive bar The Buccaneer, I'm kinda swimming in the pseudo up-and-coming rock-star super-energy glow right now. It's a beautiful thing.

Thanks to all who called in to the radio show. It made us look really friggin' cool, to have the "most call-ins in the history of the show", and it all made us feel really loved. You guys are awesome.


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