Monday, October 08, 2007

Albuquerque, here we come!

Brett is behind the wheel of the bio-bus and we’re driving to Albuquerque right now, after spending the day at the Grand Canyon. We intended to go see the giant meteor crater in Flagstaff after the Grand Canyon, alas… the canyon proved too grand and we had to stay there for hours and hours. It was amazing and it was my first time seeing it.

The shuttle drivers of the Grand Canyon National Park gave us the 411 on THE prime spot to park the bus right next to the canyon for the ultimate photo op. We played on the roof of the bus for tourists from Florida, Alabama, Sweden, and North Carolina. We shot a music video (Home) on the very edge of a cliff. We saw a rainbow and sang the “Rainbow Connection” which inspired a woman to give us a dollar. The moment was so beautiful it made Lisa Dee cry. That was the second time the kindness and open kindheartedness of a stranger made her cry today. I’d say that’s a pretty good day!

Sarah made another amazing dinner (vegan pasta!), Brett and Nirvan did the dishes, Lisa chopped the veggies (I helped), and Levi and Mike hung out with the missionaries in the converted school bus parked next to us (George was sleeping). It turned out that the missionaries (who seemed, at first glance, more like leftist hippies than missionaries) didn’t like the name of our band (The Evangenitals). So, we improvised a new song about the forgiveness of Jesus Christ that the folks back home in Los Angeles will truly love.

We’ve written two new songs so far about the trip, the film, and Nirvan (the creator of this whole beast!) that I’m pretty excited about. One is seriously gypsy inspired, and the other reminds me a bit of old Poi Dog Pondering.

Tomorrow night in Albuquerque is our first “official” performance/presentation at the STOVE gallery from 7pm-11pm. I hear there are going to be breakdancers and I’m pretty excited about that. Everybody is getting along well, so that’s awesome. You never know how it’s going to turn out when you put 8 people in a bus for several days with not a lot of sleep, not a lot of space, and no showers so far. Thankfully, in Albuquerque we’ll be staying at Nirvan’s sister’s house and there will be hot showers, hot meals, and beds that are bumpy and on wheels.

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