Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"The Joy Team"

Tonight was a very, very good night for the Evangenitals. Something happened in that room that is important, magical, beautiful, and GOOD. A bubble floated in front of my eyes during Quee Queg, illuminated by a shaft of stage lighting. Henry played the blues, Lisa sang Opera, David joyfully created a collective heartbeat, and Keith's debut with us on the bass filled my backbone with deep, happy thuds of glee.

For the first time tonight, an interpretive-dance gunfight was staged in the audience (can it really be called it an "audience" when they are such a part of the show?) during Sergio by Stodder & Crystal, Laura wore her Evangenitals t-shirt, I could see Albert's smile in the dark, Keith's mom glowed with pride, Kelly Chase of Hammerspace danced, the guys from With a Bible and a Gun nodded in approval (ah, winning the respect of the other band is a great feeling, especially when they are friggin' awesome). Bubbles were blown. Moments were shared. All present were given a nice sonic bath in everlovin' Evangenital joy.

We were given a new nickname... "Team Joy". Thanks Stodder. I like it very much.

Next stop, the INTEGRATRON!

And now, I sleep.

I love you, dear reader, whoever you are, with all my heart. Just because.


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