Saturday, October 04, 2008

As a light mist falls from the skies of Los Angeles, California, USA, the Evangenitals are preparing to go play a show at the Eagle Rock Music Festival. We're the final act, after all the other stages close down. We get to end the whole affair, streaming love into the crowd, streaming live on KXLU. My great hope is that either the skies clear and stop tinkling on the people, and/or that a great number of folks decide to endure and stick it out till the end with us.

I'm sitting here putting the greatest thought, care, and pure love I can into the selection of which 7 to 8 songs we're going to unleash into the ether this evening during our tight 35 minute set. Everything, of course, is subject to change as soon as we feel the ACTUAL energy of the crowd and see what kind of a magic carpet ride they are wanting to go on with us.

Here is my good-weather conjuring stick figure drawing of the day:

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