Friday, September 18, 2009

lonely town

I'm sitting in this truck stop city somewhere in Portland, Oregon. The place is called "jubitz" and it's a whole town in itself... truck stop, country music venue & dance hall, mini-mall with an arcade, food court, movie theater, a restaurant, hotel... all in a small corner of nowhere, it seems.

Played a show with Cash'd Out here tonight and all was well until I was walking through the hallway and got slammed with a profound wall of sadness that had the peculiar flavor of being NOT MINE. I checked my heart and soul pockets and sure enough, I'm doing fine. No profound loneliness, no deep melancholy... not today... so I've been roving the halls trying to figure out exactly where the "hot spots" are... what residents, current and/or ghostly, are emitting this powerful mood?

I've found the spot. THE spot where the feeling is for sure most intense. And I'm sitting in it. Soaking it up. I think I feel a song coming on. :-)

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