Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Video: So Sweet, Indeed

Check it out!!!

Director DJ Mendel from New York just made us a video for our tune "So Sweet" off the new Evangenitals EP (now availalble on iTunes, CDBaby, etc)

We met DJ in Scotland while at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He directed Cynthia Hopkins' "Accidental Nostalgia" (featuring the band Gloria Deluxe) and the cast and crew of that show made appearances at several Evangenitals gigs. In fact, their fiddle player Philippa Thompson even sat in with us on violin and harmonies at our last show! Glorious deluxe, indeed!!!

It was a love fest, indeed, and the lovin' continues with this cyber-collaborative video.

Please take a look and leave a comment!!! Post, share, etc. Spread the love! :-)

Love, love, love
Juli & the Evangenitals

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