Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Poem


The first letter.
"A child, a union, a history
spread by contact,

(while in the act of
feeling the desire to scratch)
an illness in general,
is a case to be decided by a court.
To die by degrees,
marching two by two
in a another dimension.


The sixth tone.
A tiny arachnid,
(often parasitic)
that is John,
the person or thing mentioned,
designating the one mentioned,
the tiny arachnid, is John.
He died that we might live.
Oh, that he were here!

In other words,
to search for
a self-governing, common, incorporated
or any similar hole,
greasy people must,
in the time under Lincoln,
(a vest under his coat)
lower position or state, to lower
position in state.
(still the desire to scratch)

The story ended, ladies and gentlemen,
the president,
"the cow is a domestic animal, the
To injure by scraping;
tear to bits,
(also a sign of the infinitive)
fall to!

Produce an egg.
The tiny arachnid,
archaic, an urge,
marching two by two.
The assimilated form of,
"What's it matter?
The oval body laid by a female,
containing the germ of a new

That individual is John.

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