Friday, November 12, 2004

i'm exhausted. just worn out. it's so peaceful.

last nights show was wonderful. a great turn-out for a thursday night, and so much love. it's the love that floors me every time. so many hugs and smiles and excited people. our limited pressing of the first album sold out. my mirror-image reverse screw-up unicron shirts sold out. folks are feeling it and it left me sitting at home, wearing nothin' but my socks, wrapped up in blankets, just sittin' there for a minute and feeeeeeeeeeeling it.


holy shitballs.

how do i thank you all? how do i thank the people who play with me, the people who listen to us, the people who give us places to play, my employer who lets me have a ridiculous schedule and run my band site off the work server, my boyfriend who delights in my schizophrenia, his folks who dig me, my mom who supports every jack-ass adventure I invent, my siblings who think I'm cool, my landlord who took a chance on me, then let me move my closest friends and bandmates into the building, my best friend who defends me from the peepers, all the boys I loved before, whether they know it or not, John Maus, who gave me my first guitar, John Brandt, who gave me bass lessons in New York, Tim Emmons, who taught me the Sergio line, Gordon Torncello, for keeping me safe all those years, Alana and Alice, for making the world so lovely, Lisa and Brett and Jones and Dub and Claire and Irina and Melissa and Goodson and Shaughn and Travis and everyone that's put their energies into me. the list goes on and on.

can you tell I'm feeling it today?

i see an ad campaign coming on.....

Gratitude. Feel it. Live it. Dissolve in it.
You won't regret it.

Are you feeling it?

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