Monday, March 26, 2007

6 Degrees of Jack Black-a-Nation

So I finally Netflixed The Pick of Destiny a few weeks ago. Yes, I know, it's shameful that I hadn't seen it sooner, as I've been a huge Tenacious D fan ever since KevSlider turned me on to them during a crazed road trip back in '04.

Yes, I know, I was a Johnny-Come-Lately on the D-Train. Better late than never, eh?

Recent events have made me acutely aware that it is only a matter of time before I find my hand firmly placed in the palm of Jack Black looking him square in the eyes and saying, "It's mighty good to finally meet you, Sir." And I think that time is going to be soon.

The varied ways in which the cosmic paths of one J.B. (aka Jack Black) and one J.C. (aka Juli Crockett) have almost crossed are numerous:

For one thing, I have directed 3 plays at the 24th Street Theater, where Jack Black is on the Advisory Board.

What set me off tonight is that not only has my band, The Evangenitals, opened for KG's *other* band Trainwreck, but in addition to this I have just heard that in June The Evangenitals will be playing with Josh Haden at Mr T's Bowl.

For those of you not totally up on your Tenacious D trivia, Josh Haden (son of Charlie Haden) is the brother of Tanya Haden (of the Haden Triplets) who is the wife of Jack Black. HOW'S THAT FOR CONNECTIVITY???

Now, to top it all off, Evangenitals guitarist Brett Lyda's girlfriend Wanni is good friends with Kyle Gass and regularly plays poker with KG and JB. Backstage at a Tenacious D show, Brett and Wanni were kind enough to have this jolly fansign snapped for me:

And, as if we needed one more stitch in this blanket, Brettsky went to college with Tanya Haden, wife of Jack Black, mother of his progeny. No kidding.

So... will Tanya and Jack come to hear her brother play at the T's Bowl in June? Who knows! They MUST be close -- she is in Josh's TOP 4 on Myspace! The Evangenitals are expected to open for Trainwreck again in April. Will JB make a surprise appearance as he is sometimes known to do in the guise of Tuffy McFukelby.

All in all, it all sounds an awful lot like the trumpets of Destiny are heralding the day that JB and JC shall pump their fists in a mighty handshake the likes of which this world hath never witnessed. Until that day, I abide.

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