Saturday, March 10, 2007

Check our the newest flier from The Rev. PtryXXX for the Bordello show this Wednesday night:

I must say, it is a very lucky band that gets to have their own resident flier designer, comic artist, and videographer to herald the exploits and adventures that they encounter on the wild road to super rock land... and that is exactly what the Evangenitals have in the form of one Patrick Ian Moore, hailing from Tulsa, Okahoma.

Also known as The Reverand PtryXXX of the SouperKlawBrazzz and Improv Monstas, Patrick and I go way back to the year 2000, when his best friend David Taylor was the Technical Director for my thesis project at CalArts [or, the whale] and his brother Andrew and I used to run around late at night taking too many diet pills and drinking gallons of Gatorade while broaming Compton listening to Power 106.

Now Dave is the Technical Director of Lincoln Center, Andrew is.. umm... "retired" in Missouri, and Ptryxxx lives in Los Angeles, California, USA and works in the same sex toy company as I do. How times do change!

Some things, however, don't change... such as, Ptryxxx and I were health-minded, hippie ass, vegan, yoga stretching, animal-loving mofos back then, and we've both gotten back to all that now. So there. Some things remain the same.

What's it all mean? Hell if I know. Just come on out to the show!


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