Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Evangina show last night at TruXtop gallery was awesome. It's always a crazy and incredibly vulnerable experience when Lisa and I strip the Evangenitals act back to its barest bones and do the femme duet thing. Luckily it's also always a really beautiful and validating experience as well, as folks really respond to the sweet simplicity of our two voices and the minimal guitar accompaniment.

I was playing a new (to me) guitar, a really awesome junior Epiphone electric that super friend and super fan Albert gave me as a present. I am loving its sound. I mainly played bass lines and finger-picked on the tunes while Lisa covered the strumming and rhythm parts. It was super-intimate, super-tender, and ridiculously fun. We brought along our bin of play-along instruments and closed out with "Home"... which has now become a tradition since the Road to Oprah tour.

We did a few new tunes/covers... including the Ramones, Misfits, and some Bob Dylan. Good times! The art show was great, and I loved the gallery/space. Be sure to pay them a visit, check out the art, and support this new gallery. As for Evangina, I'm thinking that we need to get out on the town and play some more gigs. It's really good practice for us to put our asses on the line like that. :-)

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