Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I am eBaying!

That's right... I have officially and most joyfully burst my "selling on eBay" cherry. It is probably equal parts financial desperation and need to clear out some shizzz that I don't use at all, and it is fun!

The first item I put up was this video and film editing book that I bought long ago when I thought I was going to go to an editing school, and then didn't. It was really expensive, and still is, as you can see here:

I have a bunch of really good editing books that I'm going to be putting up for bidding. For someone who is actually an editor, I would think they'd be a score, so tell your editing friends to jump on the bidding train! I held onto these books forever thinking that I would someday read them and spend long hours learning to edit. This afternoon, in the midst of a crappy cold, I came to the realization that I've got other fish to fry and different artistic strengths to focus on! Huzzah.

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