Monday, January 21, 2008

Alright, for any Office Space fans in Los Angeles, this is big news:

Ron Livingston (that's Peter from OS if you don't know) is going to be hosting "The Armando Show" at the iO WEST (formerly the improv olympic) in Hollywood on Monday January 21st (that's TONIGHT!)

So, if you could come on down and/or help spread the word to other Office Space fanatics, this is an awesome opportunity to see him performing LIVE improv comedy. Heck, you can also bring all your Office Space memorabilia and have him autograph it... take some pictures.... all that fanboy stuff that I AIN'T TOO PROUD TO DO!!!

The show is at 10:30pm, only costs $10, and half the box office goes to the WGA Writers Fund.

For more info about iO WEST, you can go here:

Juli (an Office Space uber-fan)

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