Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Long day today...

Patrick and I stayed up super late last night playing with new designs for the soon-to-be-utterly-revamped-for-improv-comedy-etc SouperKlawBrazzz website. Hit the hot tube (ah.. the joys of housesitting), watched some Home Movies, then off to bed.

I love Home Movies. I am secretly in love with the utterly hopeless and damaged Coach John McGuirk. I guess it is not so secretly now. It is one of the greatest animated cartoons ever. I FRIGGIN' LOVE IT. Home Movies = Highly Recommended. Netflix that shizzz. You'll get over the shitty, shaky animation. Trust me. :-)

Patrick had rehearsal for his play today, and I had some student loan nightmare stuff to handle (god, please send me that student loan money soon!) and then it was off to the iO WEST for Improv Class. Patrick runs the light for the Tuesday night show, so I go to class and then stick around and watch the Harold teams until he's done for the night. Powerhouse and Sweetness are consistently alright, but GOAL with Dave Hill & Eric Hunicutt KICKS ASS! My improv teacher, Karen Graci, is on the team too. They are awesome and fun and flawed and human and supremely talented. I dig it. I'm inspired by it. I'm working toward it, dammit!

I've decided to take an Improv class at PCC in the Spring because a legendary dude is teaching it. Good reason, eh? I love school. I am not in the least bit ashamed by the fact that I will probably want to stay in school, to some degree, forever. FOREVER! I will probably also NEED to stay in school because my student loans are horrific, but that's another story. :-)

PCC is a hidden jewel of insanely awesome professors. A little diamond in Pasadena... right there on Colorado Blvd.

It looks like the Evangenitals may in fact be playing SXSW. That is supremely exciting.

I heard from Mike Flynn today, and that just put a cherry on everything. I hadn't heard from him in ages, and he's alive and well out there in Lowell, MA. For those of you who know me well, you've probably heard me speak of my undying love and adoration for one Mister Mike Flynn, formerly of Venice Beach (corner of California and Electric Ave). It made me all warm and fluffy inside to hear his voice again, and know that he and his woman are a-okay.

Life is good. Money is tight. Love is in the air. I'm opening up.

How are you?

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