Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Magic of Flickr

Cash'd Out
Originally uploaded by Toad!
It's always fun after a Cash'd Out show to search Flickr and see if any of the dozens of folks taking pictures in the crowd actually uploaded them (on Flickr) and tagged them (Cash'd Out).

Very frequently, I get lucky! Here's yet another instances of that goodness.

God bless motivated picture takers. :-)

Thanks Toad!

Much love,

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Heather said...

You know, you could even say something from the stage like "Hey, if you post your pictures on flickr, tag them so we can find them!"

You could then have a flickr slideshow on the band website that should automatically pull the photos in if they are tagged properly. Makes the audience feel even more engaged, and the band hardly has to do any work!

Check out how R.E.M. does it, really cool: