Thursday, August 13, 2009

Set List, 13th Note, Glasgow (short set!)

We had to rush this one, as Lisa and I had to catch the night train home to Edinburgh by 11:30pm!

We played with Billy (solo) from Glasgow Glam Bangers, Scunner, and a really cute boy/girl duo that I need to look up their names!

In a room full of total strangers (except for the Scunner boys who played the Forest with us) we played:

1. Ahab's Leg
2. Bad Town
3. The Hole
4. Hard Luck
5. Can You Picture That?
6. 30 Days
7. Vagina Song
8. Gasoline

*Strangely enough, Neko Case is playing at the 13th Note as well on her September tour! It appears she's following us! :-)

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