Thursday, August 13, 2009

Set List - The Sheep Walk - London

This is mostly for Michael, but if anyone else cares, that's cool too!

Here's the set list, as close as I can recall, from our show at What's Cookin' at the Sheep Walk in Leytonstone, London, England.

We deviated from the plan a little bit on this set, cuz the audience was AWESOME, and we had to come up with FOUR encores, cuz the audience was AWESOME... but this is how I remember it. I will check with the boys and see if it seems true... and there is some video from this show coming home with us.

1. Hello
2. Ahab's Leg
3. Bad Town
4. Hard Luck
5. Work Song
6. Sergio
7. 30 Days
8. The Hole
9. So Sweet
10. Gasoline

Encore 1: Sun is Shining (?)
Encore 2: Fuck 'em All & Vagina Song
Encore 3: Weezer Medley
Encore 4: Quee Queg

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