Monday, May 01, 2006

I am tired as hell right now.. however, I wanted to check in and write some things down. Concretize some crap in digital format. What a jackass. I am certainly beyond delirious, but what the hell.

This weekend was insane. Wonderful stuff. 4 performances in 48 hours, and they all came off lovely. First was the play, then the Genitals at Highland Grounds, then the Dead Poet's Slam (I rocked the crowd will my country-fied rendering of the poetry of Edward Abbey, getting a straight Turkey (all 10's) in round two... and my team (Dead Male Poets) won in the men against women competition), then Evangina closed out the night. We tried to be just atmosphere, since it was a mighty chatty affair, however, in the middle of "Love You Forever" the room went dead silent, and we had full attention for the last two songs -- "Not Quite There" and "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" which we hadn't performed in a mighty long time. We sold 3 of the 4 albums I had on hand (I'm saving the last for Jain, who has been demanding one for a while) and we got ourselves home ASAP.

I came home and had to pack for a work-related trip to Mexico early tomorrow morning. Strategic Planning. What is the future of the sex toy biz? That is what we will be determining.

Meh... I can communicate the details, but what I'm not getting across is the feeeeeling. How wonderful it is to feel so creatively productive. Lisa and I keep talking about how we don't want this to end. Other folks give us shit for "doing too much"... but the truth is, this is how we like it. Booked to the gills, shows every night... I only wish I was jumping on a tour bus tomorrow to do it again, in another town. But the rest is good too. I love my robe, my dog, and sleep.

It never ends for long, though. Next weekend, the Evangenitals will throw down at the Fais Do Do supper club, and all will be right with the world.

There is more, so much more, I could jabber on forever trying to articulate the simplest thing. The living flow. When it rains, it pours.

Clam Lynch of "Cut the Crap with Clam" is funny as hell. You have to check him out.

Much love,

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Rob Roberge said...

hey- rob roberge here

you were great (poetry & music...and i'm qualified to judge since i was...errr...a judge...)...sorry we had to leave before the last tune...looking forward to playing with you folks next sunday-

and yes, Clam Lynch is great...