Saturday, May 27, 2006

(mis-posted, re-posted)

there is something that i want to communicate, that i love very much, however, it's a place and a time and a visual and an experience so i wonder if i'll be able to explain it with any degree of effectiveness.

when i am walking the dog at night, wearing headphones, and i'm heading toward the 110 North Fair Oaks exit (i am walking down a dark residential street) and i find myself facing the headlights of a car waiting to exit the freeway ramp, walking into the light of the headlights, and this light is interrupted by the cars passing between that waiting car and me -- this is something i love.

it gives me a sense of distance and peace and space and ether and light.

in other news, i hit a young possum tonight.

upon telling the tragic tale to a friend of mine, he informed me that while stoned in high school, he hit a puppy. this, i agreed, was far worse than hitting a possum. not to say that a possum is any less of god's creature than a puppy. i just would have lost my fucking mind if i hit a puppy tonight.

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