Monday, May 07, 2007

Awesome day today. The weather was perfect Sunday weather.

I did wake up with an excruciating headache, but it was nothing that a little Dr Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic and hot herbal tea couldn't fix. I'm detoxing at the moment, and this was the second morning with no coffee. As I am a very big (meaning daily) fan of the triple latte with soy milk, I was anticipating the horrible caffine withdrawl headaches. Actually, I thought they'd come on day 1... but day 2's morning mind-bashing made up for it.

Once that had calmed down, it was time for the good day to commence.

I had gotten an email invite from Environment California (one of the many environment/animal rights/superfriends peace on earth for All groups I belong to) to go to a panel discussion called "Sustainable LA" that was part of the Silverlake Film Festival.

There were all kinds of inspirational local heroes on the panel, including a few celebrities like Ed Begley Jr, Bill Nye the Science Guy, andAlicia Silverstone (who I also saw at the Year of the Dog screening that PETA organized at the Paramount lot a few weeks ago).

I'm gonna need to take some time when it's not so late to write all about that was said there. The short version is that I need to start riding my bike to work, remembering to bring my own bags to the grocery store, and get a water filter. Alicia Silverstone was the only one on the panel that really talked about the relationship between Veganism and the Environment (as PETA likes to remind folks, you can't call yourself an Environmentalist and eat meat) which was surprising. It was great that she was there representing. Ed Begley Jr and Bill Nye the Science Guy carpooled there in Bill's electric car... which is awesome. Thinking of those two guys being friends made me happy.

Every day I'm getting a little bit crazier and more extreme about the environment, the animals, and the people of the earth living all happy, joyous, flourishing and free and I'm digging it.

After that, Patrick and I went and met up with Brett and Wanni at the Grand Ole Echo to check out Tony Gilkyson (former guitarist of X) who we will be opening for on August 26th. It's a real cute event that Kim and Pam (aka The Happy Bookers) put on there. First of all, it's free, which is super fresh. In addition to that, there a nice patio out back where they barbeque burgers (including Veggie Burgers!) and the "outside band" was a trippy duo from Texas called "Restaurant" who played jacked up home-made instruments, including a high-hat made of old licence plates for cymbols. Good stuff..

A great treat was the opening act, Jaimi Shuey. If you like good 'ol Country music, you gotta check her out. She's awesome. :-)

After that, it was back to Brettsky's for band practice. I listened while Brett and George tweaked around with the outro of "Sun Is Shining" which is being tweaked to ear-humping perfection for the new album. Then we had a mellow practice and played some sweet and slow tunes while Georgie thumped on Lisa's empty guitar case and played a maraca. And play it well he did!

I'm excited about Brett singing more, our upcoming appearances on TV and Radio, our trip to Florida in June, the Lummis Day show (pre-Florida) on June 3rd, the crazy Juice Fast Detox that I'm on, the fact that Patrick quit his job and will be able to draw more EvangeniTales comics and edit more band videos, and the glory and possibility of life in general. It's all good.

Next weekend my brother, the bomb-ass photographer Jaisen Crockett, is going to be in Vegas shooting some band... so I'm going up there to get some new tattoos and some new pictures taken. You can look forward to seeing 'em on Myspace. ;-)

There's more, but I figure I'll leave something for us to talk about if you see me on the street. It's late, I'm tired and running on nothing but fruit juice, herbal tea, apple cider vinegar, and a ton of old toxins that are getting excavated out of their hiding places. Begone, demons! Out of my cells!

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So, are Bill and Ed an item?