Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Busy week, and I'm having fun.

There's a lot going on in Juli/Evangenitals land these days. The "day job" is just crazy as hell, so I won't go into that particular mouth of madness at the moment. The rest of it is full to bursting and only getting puffier every day.

This past weekend I went up to Vegas to meet up with my brother, Jaisen Crockett, the bomb-ass photographer, who was flown out there from New York to shoot a band -- KOR! Kinetic Origins of Rhythm (website, myspace page, and really awesome band photo taken by my brother forthcoming). I also got to see "Spamalot" which was lots of fun, play some video poker, go to the Ghost Town Calico, and take a bunch of silly photos with Ptryxxx, who was paying his first visit ever to sin city and did not leave disappointed.

We even went to an oxygen bar, which I has wanted to do FOREVER, and it was awesome. I wish I could get an oxygen tank for my house... as pure oxygen is the best cure for a headache and left me with zero desire to drink coffee and feeling like I was walking on the moon. Good stuff!

I raced home from Vegas on Sunday to make it back to LA in time for band practice. With Lisa Dee and Georgie out of town for this next gig, we're playing Molly Malones with an alternate lineup which always makes me a little nervous and a LOT excited for the new interpretations of old songs that always results when we shake things up. Brett's going to be singing more in this set, which is fantastic, Salad and Bryan Landers are coming on board once more, and the project of begging every person I know on my hands and knees to help us make the minimum draw and make this night a success seems to be going well. Good to know that honest desperation sometime does work. We'll see how it all pans out at the door.

TODAY I had to leave work early to meet up with the Genitals and go to Time Warner studios to do a little cable show promoting the upcoming Lummis Day Festival in Highland Park that we'll be playing at on June 3rd.

Much like our Q TV live television experience in the past, this one was equally disorganized, impromptu, and TOTALLY fun. We did end up getting to play two full songs on the show as well as talk about the origin of the band and the meaning of "Evangenitals". We also got some good video footage for our own documentary purposes and some cool pictures for the website thanks to Patrick Ian Moore, our resident flier artist, videographer, photographer, and budding webmaster.

Check out the pics here: www.evagenitals.com/photos.html

In other news, on Thursday Brett and I are meeting with Nirvan, director of the 1 Second Film, to discuss the Evangenitals being the theme band for their Road Trip to Oprah expedition. There is talk of a biodiesel schoolbus, a reality show, an animated mushroom voiced by Andy Dick... it's all a little crazy, and therefore I like it very much!

If any of you are not yet involved with the 1 Second Film, I highly recommend you get involved. It's awesome. It's art. It's good for the soul.

And you can look forward to my new song "Andy the Mushroom" which is causing me a whole lot of giggles and joy lately as I create new verses whilst driving in the car.... which Andy the Mushroom could never do, because he had no HANDS, man!

I love you all. Please come out to the Molly Malones show on Saturday May 19th and help us get famous. I wanna hump on your eardrums for a living, people. Only you can make that happen!


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