Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm looking FORWARD to THINGS! To STUFF that's on the HORIZON! I'm in love with many of the things that are happening NOW and I'm super-excited about things that are COMING SOON. Heck, I'm still reeling with glee from things that JUST HAPPENED!

The Evangenitals show at Molly Malones last Saturday was awesome. It was like a whole new level of Evangenital action -- simultaneously a reminder of how awesome things used to be, are, and will be. It was a bizarre time/space intersection wherein I was reminded of all things great about being an Evangenital. How awesome it is that people actually show up, listen, cheer, and give us so much love and support.

Today I talked to a booker in Florida who absolutely did not respond to the mojo of the Evangenitals. It was kinda crazy... a first for me, that got me all hot faced and heart pounding whilst making me excited for the FUTURE! For MORE disbelieving promoters and bookers that don't see/hear/feel/believe in the power of the Evangenitals. Hooray! There was a time in the beginning where it was important that NO ONE say anything critical about the Genitals. We were so fragile and new. If someone had told me that we sucked and should give it up 2 months into the project, I may have believed them. But here we are, years later, and after so many big 'ol smiles, crazy gigs, opened hearts, and loving responses to what we do... I'm a believer. There's something going on with the Evangenitals. It's a movement, and we're all a part of it.

After that call, the booker from Molly Malones called and invited us back for another show, we got invited up to Seattle to play in September, Wanni booked a gig for us in Jacksonville that we'll be able to hit after our Tampa show, and Nirvan from the 1 Second Film sent me a map that outlined the route that he's thinking we'll take on the Road Trip to Oprah! So, the good energy won in the end. When it rains, it pours. :-)

I must say that I feel pretty good about the fact that throughout the conversation with the "nonbeliever" I managed to let my love light shine, full blast, and not get flustered by any of the seeming insults and gruffness that were being thrown my way. I'm working on getting better at talking with people and representing/promoting the band in person. It's funny, considering that I've been doing this big 'ol Marketing job for the past few years, promoting the hell out of a business, and I do a grand job at that. The real magic is going to happen when I can take all of those skills I've developed -- feeling confident and boldly promoting someone else's project/company -- and apply them to OUR project. The Holy Evangenitals.

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