Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holy crap!

My improv team "Not From Chicago" hath done it again. Tonight we won our 2nd Student Cagematch at the iO WEST, which means we're going up against a team of frisky newcomers next Thursday at 10pm. Mark your calendars!

Patrick is going to be joining my group as a "guest star" to fill in for vacationers, so this will be a rare opportunity to see the two of us improvise together for the FIRST TIME EVER! Woo-hoo!

We need LOTS of friends to turn out and VOTE FOR US because.... (drumroll please).... if we win NEXT week, we become the challengers in the MAINSTAGE cagematch at the BIG theater! That is very important in Improv land. Seriously.

So, please mark your calendars now... and please, please PLEASE come out and support us. The longer we win, the more experience we get on stage, and the better performers we become. There's only one way to get better in improv, and it's trial by fire, people! Come see us get burned. :-)


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