Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This Thursday night at 10pm my improv team "Not From Chicago" will be defending our hard-won Student Cagematch Champion Belt at the iO WEST's Andy Dick Theater in Hollywood.

If you don't know what any of that means, let me explain:

A few months ago, I started taking Improv classes at iO WEST (formerly the Improv Olympic) and I fell in love. I found a nice group of dorks who enjoy making fun and furious long-form improv with me and we formed a team. We call ourselves "Not From Chicago".... as we are not from Chicago. Get it? Don't worry about it.

The important thing is that we participated in our first Cagematch last week (competitive improv!) and due to the fact that a bunch of friends turned out to vote for us, we WON! The whole thing is more or less a popularity contest, so it is imperative that we have folks come out to laugh, cheer, and VOTE FOR US.

If we win 10 times in a row, we end up on the Wall of Fame. If we just win a couple more times, we get to have the valuable experience of performing improv in front of a live audience.

For our first Cagematch, I hardly invited anyone I knew because I was petrified. Luckily, my teammates delivered and their friends turned up en mass. This week, it's my turn to show my bare ass to the world (metaphorically) and invite my friends and loved ones to come watch me wrangle with this new passion of mine. I am raw, I am rough, and I am willing to make an ass of myself in public. Huzzah!

Hope you can make it!

Come see "Not From Chicago" in
The iO WEST Student Cagematch
Thursday December 20th
Andy Dick Theater

(there's valet parking and everything! cheap bar!)

iO WEST is located at:
6366 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
Corner of Hollywood & Cosmo

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