Friday, July 17, 2009

Cash'd Out at the Viper Room TONIGHT!

Hello there, Los Angeles! I'm pretty terrible at remembering to tell folks when Cash'd Out is playing locally, so I'm sending the shout out now... CASH'D OUT IS PLAYING TONIGHT!

I've got my curlers in and I'm getting ready to head over to the big show. We go on around 10pm, and I'll be channeling June Carter to the best of my ability (and word on the street is my ability to channel June Carter is pretty damn good!)

Our "Johnny Cash" - Douglas Benson - is absolutely incredible. A freak of nature that he was born with the same diaphragm, windpipe, larynx, or whatever the hell it is that makes him sound so much like the Man in Black. It's truly amazing. Come to the show, close your eyes, and you'll think it's the real JC.

So, we're playing at the infamous Viper Room. It should be a real good show... the last few we've done there have rocked the house. I'm wearing one of my new favorite dresses, and I've painting my nails RED for the 1st time, cuz I'm feeling frisky.

Come n' get it!


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