Sunday, September 28, 2008


Evangenitals drummer David Hurlin has hereby entered the realm of Performance Art with his latest BAD VLOG entry: "David Hurlin Reads "Get Like Me" By David Banner."

I hereby decree a movement be begun in which we ferret all all the profound poetry speeding by un-excavated in these POPULAR SONGS.

"When she sees the carrots
They're real
Just like a rabbit"
(David Banner)

Meanwhilst, I have been horribly remiss in my VLOGGING as well as my BLOGGING (and my journaling and studying and reading and writing and the rest of it as well, I may as well add, since we're on the subject!) though I've been doing lots of OTHER STUFF which can be proven by a mere glance at my PERSONAL GIG CALENDAR on Myspace.

My apologies if it seems I'm yelling... I'm feeling the CAPS LOCK today, not for aggressive reasons -- I'm employing it purely to express ENTHUSIASM! YAY!

I shall be back in the saddle again soon. Don't you worry! In fact, I suspect the mere typing of these words suggests I am already there! Always & already, almost & anachronistically even if, as the wonderfully astute Gertrude Stein said, there is no there there for me to be.

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Patrick said...

That cartoon is so fucking funny! I LOVE it!