Friday, September 26, 2008

The problem with not blogging on a regular basis is that I simultaneously develop both a BACKLOG (b.log?) of all sorts of thoughts, emotions, experiences, etc that I want to share with you all (whomeversoever you may be) and I start to question the validity of ANYTHING that I may want to share, putting crazy pressures and standards upon myself and dreaming of a magnum opus blog entry of PARADIGM SHIFTING dimensions that will forever alter the lives of whomeversoever may read these words of INSPIRATION and BOUNDLESS INFECTIOUS HOPE.

However, eventually the moment arises when I neither can nor can't stand to blog or not to blog anymore and that's usually when I do. So here we are...

Right now I'm sitting in the Tribal Cafe in Echo Park, right near the glorious twinkling lights of downtown Los Angeles, CA watching the Henry Bermudez Trio rock out to a handful of folks in this insanely hot room. The Tribal Cafe is one of those places that always make me feel like I'm in another country... like a Mexican Restaurant in Bremen, Germany cooperatively run by homeless artists. Weird art, lots of painted cement, no air conditioning, slow service, surprisingly good food with vegan options on the menu, an air of social consciousness pervading the joint, all kinds of music coming through, a small dirt parking lot without lines drawn. These are things that make me feel like a traveler in my own town.

Which reminds me, I've been fantasizing about hostels lately. Backpacking through somewhere... a high-tech explorer with very little clothing & toiletries, yet a really good camera & cellphone & a laptop. A compulsion to communicate every ounce of my experience, both to myself and others. (Are you LISTENING, self? Did you SEE that? What do you THINK about that, self? That was CRAAAAZY!?)

The Evangenitals
have been playing a ton of lil' shows all over town. We're taking advantage of the idea of the "public rehearsal" to get "tight" for the Eagle Rock Music Festival on October 4th. We're also doing an in-store appearance at Rhino Records in Claremont on October 3rd and an Obama Fundraiser on October 5th, so it's going to be quite the Evangenitals weekend, which I'm super excited about... considering that I FRIGGIN' LOVE THESE PEOPLE AND WANT TO TRAVEL THE WORLD OVER WITH THEM!!!

Tomorrow I venture down to Ramona, CA to do my June Carter bit with Cash'd Out at the Ramona Theater. I hear it's a really nice old place and that Cash'd Out has a real nice following there, so I'm excited to see the joint.

I'm totally loving the experience of performing with Cash'd Out. Strangely enough, neither I nor the rest of the band *ever* seem to get sick of singing Johnny Cash songs. The Evangenitals even busted out a cover of "Long Black Veil" at the request of bass player Keith Lubow at last Thursday's open rehearsal/show at our rehearsal/performance space studio (experience). It was friggin' great.

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