Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is crazy...

Not only does this blog quote Patrick's blog about his film shoot with C Thomas Howell and Judd Nelson, but when I visited the site, the photo in the top corner was by MY BROTHER, photographer Jaisen Crockett, and linked to a site featuring his work. What are the friggin' chances??

11% !!!!

(this blog quotes Patrick and the other blog, too)

Awesomeness abounds.

In other news, I posted my 2nd VLOG:

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Patrick said...

It is such a trip to be quoted (especially by such awesome websites). It makes me so happy that I started writing/posting Patrick’s Quest again (thank you ever so much for the suggestion). You are always welcome to link it up on your blog blob ☺. They quoted me and I quoted them, quoting me. You quoted the quoting me, and me… quoting? I will quote you, you-you or you quoting someone (probably not me). The blog, within a blog, within a blog. The blog is the thing, to catch the conscience of…? Who? And a vlog within a Blog! Good thinking. Your vlog is wonderful. Number 2 is even better! Keep them coming!